About Us

Your ultimate global source for reliable importers and exporters of bulk Russian Origin Petroleum products. We work in close cooperation with reputable, reliable producers and suppliers who can deliver high quality products at competitive prices simply because we work with the source, No Broker Chains.

Our purchasers are able to acquire their commodities in virtually any country, without the need to deal with long broker chains and wasting years trying to find real oil/gas suppliers. We are flexible, accurate and professional, with many years of experience in the international petroleum market. We allow end-buyers to purchase directly from the titleholder for all our commodities.

PLATE COMPANY is guided and allowed by a high-level consortium of financial institutions with over 30 bank subcategories, providing financial backing for PLATE COMPANY to finance the most complex and challenging transactions.

PLATE COMPANY operates globally and invests locally around the world.  With local presence in ten countries, we have the scope of a global investor but bring a local investment perspective to each region. Our local experts and their deep knowledge of the markets in which they work enable PLATE COMPANY to approach investing from a local perspective.

We raise finance for our clients from our own extensive global network of internationally accredited finance sources including hedge funds, institutional investors, investment banks, investor clubs, money market funds, mutual funds and venture capital firms.

As a strategic player in the infrastructure markets and sovereign based investing, PLATE COMPANY partners with sovereign, sub-sovereign and local governments, private developers and like-minded corporations to help design infrastructure development and capital programs.

Accordingly, if you are looking for sources of financing for your projects, we would like to hear from you. We look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with your company.