Project Funding

We have signed a cooperation agreement with several institutions, worldwide. These companies are among the top financial institutions in the world, one of which has over 30 bank subcategories. Our company has access to substantial money resources. Any government organization, investment company related to the government as a dependent, or any company requiring financing for their projects will be receiving our utmost attention, diligence, passion and exceptional service.

Plate Company is the official mandate of financiers/investors, and after formal evaluations, due diligence, financial/legal review, execution of definitive documentation, and the official site visit, the full package and all accompanying documentation along with our report/comments about the proposal will be presented to our financiers/investors, with an official term sheet/procedure outline to follow.

Our company needs the following documents for the process of Due Diligence and presenting your full package to the investors:

  • Official LOI to our company of client’s company.
  • Official company profile along with official CIS that should be on company letterhead with a copy of passport attached.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Official business plan, Executive Summary, Cash flow, financial statement, balance sheet and financial Forecast of client’s company.
  • Resume(s) of board member(s) of client’s company.

Upon receiving the documents, our company will issue an official LOI (Letter of Intent involving Summary of Terms and Conditions of  Process of Financing by Plate Ltd) once we receive the required documents mentioned above (if available) by your organization. Furthermore,  the documents need to be checked by our experts.

The priority for our financiers/investors is the following:

  • Green energy
  • Oil and Gas project
  • Real Estate
  • Development
  • Aircraft Purchase Financing

Our financiers tend to finance & invest in Governmental and Semi Governmental projects, specifically in the following fields:

  • Huge Oil and Gas Projects, Green Energy and Infrastructure Energy Projects.
  • Mega Projects, Industrial Park, Recreational Complex.
  • Massive Construction Projects and Infrastructure.

Projects in need of our EPC services:

The terms of Starting Construction and development will be negotiated alongside the Financing Process, and terms & conditions will be determined on a case by case basis.

Closing Date:

After the successful process of Due Diligence, a formal site visit, and confirmation of all documents, it is an estimated 70-85 days from the execution of this letter and confirmation from our financer and investors bank to pay the total amount or provide a credit line as bank instruments or any alternative for financing.

Due Diligence Period:

It is flexible but generally the period of Due Diligence is 60-75 days.

Interest Rate:

The range of interest rate is between 1 and 4.5%. The exact and final rate will be determined after legal review, Due Diligence and site visit on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Financing and Investments:

Long term Loan, Short term Loan, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Equity Financing, Debt Financing, Line of Credit and all types of alternative financing is available. (It could be Negotiable on Face to Face Meeting and process of Site Visit & Due Diligence).

Types of Collateral:
Property, Risk insurance, Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, PPA in energy projects, Cash or savings accounts, Paper investments, Investment accounts, Natural reserves, Blanket Liens, etc. (This matter is negotiable)