Aircraft Trading









Our company is vetted as the official mandate of the largest aircraft sales company in all of Europe. We can provide off-market aircraft trading exclusively for Gulfstream, Airbus and Boeing.
To provide you with an offer that fits your mission, we should know the following:

• What’s the budget of the buyer for the new/used aircraft
• What’s the typical mission (long range flights, short airfields etc.)
• Required seat arrangement
• Special equipment (EVS, internet, satellite phone, etc.)
• JAR-OPS equipped yes/no
• In which time frame do you need the aircraft
• Does the customer already have an aircraft in service

We sell you the aircraft you need and not the aircraft we have in stock.
Some aircraft that we can offer are as follows:

• Airbus (ACJ,A318,A319,A320,A321and NEO)
• Boeing (BBJ,737-600,737-700,737-800 and 737-900)
• Gulfstream (G150,G200,G280,G450,G550 and G650)
• and more.

Outline Of Procedures For Aircraft Acquisition:

1. Specifications to be provided to Buyer, upon completion of questionnaire/checklist.
2. Letter of Intent (LOI) & Escrow Agent agreed upon between Buyer and Seller.
3. Buyer makes deposit, provides POF, and agrees to Disbursement of Funds to an Escrow Agent for validation.
4. Seller provides serial numbers and technical data, and agrees to Disbursement of Funds to an Escrow Agent for validation.
5. Escrow Agent exchanges information between Buyer & Seller direct and deposit becomes Non-refundable.
6. Aircraft Inspection scheduled within 10 days.
7. Within 2 Days, Technical Acceptance & Aircraft Inspection Reports Provided to Seller.
8. Within 15 Days, Aircraft Purchase Agreement & Discrepancies are completed.
9. Final Test Flight by Buyer and its Technical Representative.
10. Delivery of Aircraft and Closing.