Financing Oil Wells

Whether you are the owner of oil/gas wells, or you are contemplating finding a financier/investor, Plate Ltd will help you make informed decisions. Plate Ltd has developed and maintained relationships with many major industry partners.

With regards to signed contracts with a high-level consortium of financial institutions, Plate Ltd hereby confirm that our financing partners are ready, willing and able to enter contracts as a financier or partner for purchasing oil/gas wells, and also to act as contractors for all operations like drilling, exploration and trade.

Also, our partners are ready to purchase oil/gas wells from an owner (Governmental or Private), after official evaluation of necessary documents and the confirmation of all documents, reports, authorities and certificates by our company, as we are the official mandate. Our company is responsible for confirmation and of the Due Diligence process on this issue. We are also responsible for confirmation of the owner of oil wells/documents.

To sell or attract investors for Oil & Gas Wells, you should have all required documents. If any of these documents are not available, we can prepare these documents for you.
To prepare project documents, our company must do due diligence, have a site visit and meet with the project owner face to face. We should also know what stage the project is at and collect all required information with any available documents related to the project.


Therefore, for further details about our procedures and required documents, please send us an official LOI on this issue.